Wax Melt Brittle

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Love turning down the lights and popping on a relaxing wax melt at the end of the day? Maybe even burning a beautiful melt while having your bath? Then you'll adore this wax brittle in the beautiful scent 'shine lotion'!

These wax melts have been made in collaboration with Emily's Wax Emporium - by far one of the best wax melt companies we've come across, creating high quality, highly scented and visually stunning wax melts in all shapes and sizes.

Each bag is approximately 40g and can be broken up so you can use as much or as little wax as you like in your burner.


Lemon, mandarin, lime, orange, bergamot, jasmine, rose, violet, lily, apple, cassis, coconut, patchouli, vanilla, brown sugar, musk and moss. A beautifully uplifting and complicated scent that's positively moreish!


Ensure you have a wax melt burner. Pop a piece of the wax brittle into your burner, then place a 2 hour tea light into the burner opening and light. Watch as your wax melts and releases it's beautiful aroma, filling the room with the lovely popular scent 'shine lotion'.

Once you are finished with your wax melt, blow out the tea light and leave the wax to cool. You can reuse the wax a couple more times before needing to clean it out and put fresh wax in your burner.