Pure Cotton Facecloths

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Do you wash your face every day? Using cheaper cloths or make up remover wipes have been proven to not really cleanse your skin, but actually just smear dirt around your face! That's what makes these face cloths so special.

Made from 100% pure cotton yarn, these face cloths have been individually knit by a pair of hands here in the UK. This cotton is great for sensitive skin and really helps to cleanse, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and healthy.

What's more, these handknit face cloths are an ecological choice and reduces waste that can often come with cleansing your face using throw away wipes or cotton pads. Wash these cloths by hand at 30 degrees and with proper care and attention you facecloth could last you many, many years.

Available in a variety of colours, please select the colour you prefer below.

Each facecloth measures approximately 7” squared and weighs approximately 50g.

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