About us

Did you know that Lavaná means ‘salt’ in Sanskrit?

We began Lavaná in the early months of 2018 with the aim to create bath products that offered truly therapeutic benefits, powered by nature. After a long search on the internet, we knew Lavaná - which means ‘salt’ in Sanskrit - was an absolutely perfect fit. Salt is grounding, earthy, healing, natural and even sits beautifully around the rim of a margarita glass; one of our favourite drinks.

Our bath bombs avoid nasty chemicals and fillers and the majority are crafted with specially designed essential oil blends for a multitude of physical and mental benefits. They are vegan friendly, cruelty-free and have even proven to help our customers with common skin conditions.

And, we’re environmentally conscious about everything we do - bagging our bath bombs in paper as opposed to plastic; our wax melts in linen bags instead of plastic moulds; and eco-flow packing peanuts are used for our packaging instead of bubblewrap.