How we make eco friendly bath bombs in the UK

There is only one planet Earth; only one planet (that we know of) where humans can exist. So we need to take good care of it, the same way we take care of our bodies and minds.

Caring for our planet has always been at the core of Lavaná Cosmetics - from our packaging to the bath bombs and cosmetics themselves, we are always taking steps to use plastic-free alternatives. With more and more eco-friendly alternatives on the market today, we feel it's become a necessity to make eco-conscious decisions when buying from businesses or suppliers.

Here are some of the steps we've taken to ensure we're caring for our planet while making our handmade bath bombs.



Bath bombs by nature are an eco-friendly alternative to any bath product that comes in plastic, such as bubble bath, shower gel or salts. Bath bombs simply dissolve in water, creating very little waste. So, if you're buying bath bombs to enjoy your relaxing baths then chances are you are already helping support our planet.



What your bath bomb is packaged in is what you need to look out for. Many bath bombs still come wrapped in plastic bags, which cannot be recycled. The reason many manufacturers use these plastic bags is because they are the most reliable packaging to ensure no moisture enters the bath bomb while allowing the bath bomb to still be visible through the packaging. In the last year or so, biodegradable alternatives have become more and more accessible and affordable, meaning there's really no good reason to continue using non-recyclable plastic anymore. 

Up until recently, here at Lavaná we were packaging our handmade bath bombs in paper bags. However, we've recently upgraded to biodegradable compostable bags made from clear cellulose. We were absolutely blown away with these bags - not only are they eco-friendly, affordable and easily available, they also look incredible and high quality. These bags provide exactly the same benefits as plastic bags - the bath bombs are protected as well as visible through the packaging - however, the shelf life is shorter than plastic (approximately 12 months). For products such as bath bombs, this really isn't an issue as most bath bombs have a shelf life of 6-12 months anyway, so we're pleased to be able to use these bio bags, making our bath bombs pretty much as eco friendly as can be.



This was always a no brainer for us, since the day we started. We wanted to ensure our packaging was as eco-conscious as possible.

When we first started, we used tissue paper to protect our bath bombs in their cardboard boxes, however, this didn't prove effect as bath bombs often turned into bath dust during transit! So, we explored alternatives. Packaging peanuts seemed like the best alternative and we stumbled across Eco-Flo peanuts, made entirely from corn starch.

The price difference between polystyrene packaging peanuts and biodegradable packaging peanuts is approximately £4 per 15 cubic feet box. If you're buying in bulk then of course this can be a substantial cost, but it has to be worth it. There's no reason why businesses can't factor in these costs into their pricing structure - especially with more and more people caring about the businesses they buy from and their impact on the environment.


I made my first purchase of my famous blue Eco Flo packaging peanuts in July 2019, 5 months after I launched Lavaná, and I haven't ever looked back. They are simply something I will never give up because the messages and photos I receive from you guys about them warms my heart beyond belief. I've received photos of these peanuts being used for children's parties; seen cats wearing them as a moustache; watched you guys washing them away in the sink crunching them satisfyingly; and I've had the guilty pleasure of watching a couple of you adding these to your bath water as an alternative bath bomb (not recommended!). Not only do these peanuts help deliver our natural bath bombs safely and care for our planet, they are also creating memories - I'm sure you couldn't have enjoyed the same memories if these peanuts had been made of plain white poly.


Whenever we launch seasonal products, such as gift options, boxes and collaborations, we always try to make conscious decisions about the products and materials we use - from paper ribbon to other plastic-free companies, we care as much as you do about the planet.



Since last month, we’ve taken on our first unit and first members of staff making bath bombs and other cosmetics here in Buckinghamshire. We felt this was the perfect opportunity to explore how we could keep planet earth at our core by making eco friendly and conscious decisions about our equipment, waste-age and processes.

Theres still a long way to go, but we are doing our best. We recycle, turn off electrics when they’re not being used, we use natural methods of manufacturing bath bombs (by hand rather than machine), we use biodegradable bin bags, stainless steel moulds, and reduce our carbon footprint by combining as many parcels into one courier run as possible. We are also a short drive away from our workshop, and we are also an online business - meaning our carbon footprint is pretty tiny!

We even tried a plastic free alternative for our picking boxes - however, the weight of our bath bombs proved too heavy for cardboard boxes!



We are by no means perfect. We've learnt a lot since operating and made a lot of mistakes in the beginning but we are always learning and adapting. There's still more we would like to do and initiatives we're exploring, such as eco-friendly cellotape and labels. We also plan on liaising with our suppliers who to see how they can reduce their use of plastic via packaging.


It's one step at a time, one small change is progress, and we'll be continually exploring ways we can continue to care for your planet by offering the best handmade and eco friendly bath bombs in the uk.